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Important Scientific Experiment

'In 1960, having read a formula for a witch's 'flying' potion in Magiae Naturalis (1560), by Johannes Baptista Porta, Dr Erich-Will Peuckert of the University of Göttingen, together with a colleague risked what could have proved a terminal experiment. Onto their foreheads and armpits they rubbed an unguent of deadly nightshade, thornapple, henbane, wild celery and parsley mixed in a base of hog’s lard, everything measured in the proportions specified.

"Both passed into a trancelike sleep for 20 hours during which each had nearly identical dreams of flying through the air to a mountain top and participating in erotic orgies with monsters and demons…"’

“In England, everything of unknown origin is instinctively assigned to one of four - Julius Caesar, King Arthur, the Druids or the Devil.”

—   TG Bonney - The Gentleman’s Magazine 1866

The Fabulist - Helen DeWitt

“STONEHENGE. What could be more beautiful, majestic, entrancing and educational than a full-size replica on a lawn of a garden of a few acres? Model A, 1/10 full size maybe obtained for 50gns; Model B, half full size for 250gns; and Model C, full-size for 500gns. All prices include crating, packing and plan for fixing.”


1914 advert by William Burrough Hill

i spent half a day putting up my flatpack bookshelves.

me and tom paine, sleeping.

and more noises

"I suggest he has just come from a city banquet, with a series of grand courses and a round of wines, and is wondering whether he will keep it down. He has started writing to his doctor but now it seems too late. And yet he keeps a certain assurance: ‘I’ll be all right if I’m not joggled’, he may be saying to some anxious lady"

plane lulz hard 2 find.

big noisy burst of laughter on plane from me at this bit in Empson’s Essays on Renaissance Literature:

"At least, the attempt to capture the memorial bust of Shakespeare goes too far. She says that ‘the fixed gaze, the trance-like expression, the half-open mouth’ showed him as one who never blotted a line because he wrote when entranced (p. 162). Surely the air of surprised rueful uneasiness, as of one awaiting the next spasm deep within, should also be considered."

Michael Liebreich: London must decide on the cycle superhighways

Why is the European court of human rights hated by the UK right?

Tory wreckers out to destroy their own human rights